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Chicago style guide: Website

Chicago Style Guide

Citing a website

Include the name of the website as a whole as well as the title of the specific page you used. If you used several pages from the same site, just cite the home page. For publication date, use the date the page was last updated, or the copyright date if that is all that is available. The publisher/sponsoring organization may be the same as the name of the website. If the url of the specific page you used is too long, shorten it to end at .com, .org etc.
A web page with an author

1. Michael Salda, "The Cinderella Project," October 2005, University of Southern Mississippi,


Salda, Michael. "The Cinderella Project." October 2005. University of Southern Mississippi.

A web page with no author

2. "Barack Obama on Budget & Economy," September 4, 2011, On the Issues,


"Barack Obama on Immigration." September 4, 2011. On the Issues.

An individual document posted as part of a document collection

3. Thomas Paine, "The American Crisis," December 23, 1776, Avalon Project, Yale Law School,


Paine, Thomas. "The American Crisis." December 23, 1776. Avalon Project. Yale Law School.

An entire website

4. Bahá'í Faith, last modified 2011,


Bahá'í Faith. Last modified 2011.

  If you use several pages from a single website, cite the entire website instead of the individual pages.

More citation help

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