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Textbooks, Summer Reading & Assignments: Upper School Summer Assignments

Menlo School Textbooks, Summer Reading & Assignments

Upper School English

Course Teacher Title Author ISBN Notes

English 1 (Freshmen)

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See list on instructions See list on instructions  
English 2 (Sophomores)
All teachers Homegoing Yaa Gyasi 9781101971062 Homegoing reading guide
    Into Thin Air John Krakauer 9780385494786 Into Thin Air reading guide
Junior Year Options:          
English 3: Rebels
Plamondon Looking for Alaska (required) + another title of your choosing (see list on instructions) John Green 9780142402511 View teacher instructions

English Language (AP)

Sincoff/King See instructions for required reading and assignment     View teacher instructions
English Literature (AP):
Pressesky Passing (required) + another title of your choosing (see list on instructions) Nella Larsen 9780593437841 View teacher instructions
Senior Year Options:          
Café Society: Paris '20s & '30s Longust Time Was Soft There:
A Paris Sojourn at Shakespeare and Co.
Jeremy Mercer 9789312347406 View teacher instructions
East Asian Pop Culture King Anime Explosion!: The What? Why? and Wow! of Japanese Animation - Revised and updated edition, 2014 Patrick Drazen 9781611720136 View teacher instructions
On Being Ramsey No reading; see instructions for assignment     View teacher instructions
Gothic South Newton As I Lay Dying
(1991 edition)
William Faulkner 9780679732259 View teacher instructions
Dystopian  Plamondon        
Medicine & Narrative Blumenthal Choose one title from the list on the instructions     View teacher instructions
Modernist Poetry Workshop Bush Modernism: The Lure of Heresy Peter Gay 9780393333961 Read (at least) up to page 230

Upper School History

Course Teacher Assignment

 Modern World History (Freshmen)

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US History (Sophomores)

All teachers

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Criminal Justice Ballantyne No summer assignment
Economic Theory C. Hanson No summer assignment
Ethnic Studies I Aquino View teacher instructions
European History (AP) K. Hanson View teacher instructions
Gender & Queer Studies Nelson View teacher instructions
Global Issues for Global Citizens Nelson View teacher instructions
Modern Political Rhetoric Nelson Read On Bullshit by Harry Frankfurt, ISBN: 9780691122946
Philosophy I Bowen View teacher instructions
The Pursuit of Happiness Brown No summer assignment
Renaissance: Humanities I Gertmenian View teacher instructions
The U.S. Since 2000 C. Hanson No summer assignment
United States Government (AP) All teachers View teacher instructions