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Textbooks, Summer Reading & Assignments: Upper School Summer Assignments

Menlo School Textbooks and Summer Reading Assignments

View the tables below to check if any of your Fall 2024 classes require a summer assignment to be completed before the first day of school.

*Note on purchasing books: Menlo is part of Kepler's Community Partners Program! Mention Menlo School at the register as you check out, or online in the order comments, so that Menlo receives 6% back on all non-discounted purchases. Questions? Reach out to Brittney Otero.

Upper School English Courses



*Note: When purchasing books for English classes, teachers typically require print books. Please purchase the specific edition indicated by the ISBN, as assignments will refer to the page numbers in that edition. You can email the teacher as indicated on the assignment sheet or Ms. Otero, the librarian, with any questions. 

English 1 (Freshmen)

All  teachers         Freshman Summer Reading Assignment
English 2 (Sophomores)
All teachers

Homegoing Summer Reading Guide 

Into Thin Air Summer Reading Guide

Junior & Senior Electives:

Junior Seminar: Literature Plamondon Literature Summer Assignment

Junior Seminar: Literature (H)

Garvey Literature (H) Summer Assignment
Junior Seminar: Rhetoric (H) All teachers Rhetoric Summer Assignment 
Café Society: Paris in the 1920's Longust Cafe Society Summer Assignment
Medicine & Narrative Blumenthal M&N Summer Assignment
Classics of Literature  Chan Classics of Lit Summer Assignment
Gothic Literature Schroers-Martin Gothic Summer Assignment
Literature of the American Wilderness (H) Newton Lit of the American Wilderness Summer Assignment
Dystopian Fiction and Film Plamondon Dystopian Summer Reading and Viewing
Shakespeare Now! Warren Shakespeare Now Summer Assignment
East Asian Pop Culture (EAPC) King

EAPC Summer Assignment

Reflection Assignment on Course Film Policy

Modernist Poetry Workshop (H) Bush Modernist Poetry Summer Assignment

Upper School History Courses



Modern World History (Freshmen)

All  teachers         MWH Summer Assignment 
U.S. History (Sophomores)
All teachers

USH Summer Assignment 

Junior & Senior Electives:

Adv. Topics in History (H): Government & Politics

All teachers AT Government Summer Assignment

Adv. Topics in History (H): Modern Europe

K. Hanson AT European History Summer Assignment

Ethnic Studies I

Aquino ES Summer Assignment

Global Issues for Global Citizens

Nelson GI Summer Assignment 

Philosophy I

Bowen Philosophy Summer Assignment

Humanities I: Renaissance

Gertmenian Humanities Summer Assignment

In Gods We Trust

Nelson IGWT Summer Assignment

Upper School World Languages




Adv. Topics in Latin: Love and Friendship 


AT Latin Summer Assignment

Upper School Math




Honors Intro Calculus

All  teachers        

Summer math assignment
Video links

NOTE: The name of the course changed from Precalculus to Honors Intro Calculus.