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Textbooks: Upper School textbooks overview

2019-2020 Upper School English textbooks

General info

2019 - 2020 upper school summer reading and English textbooks

On these pages you will find lists of all of the upper school summer reading assignments. Textbook lists for fall English courses will be available on this site by mid-August and will be given to students on the first day of class in August. Textbook lists for all other courses can be found on our MBSDirect site.

There are many options available for buying textbooks, so Menlo is not recommending one particular vendor. Use these pages to see which book(s) your child will need for summer, make your choice as to whether you want to buy new or used copies, then purchase from the vendor that best suits you. The ISBN indicates the particular edition that the teacher expects to see in class.

The Menlo School Library keeps copies of many (not all) of the textbooks, particularly paperback fiction and nonfiction used in literature courses. These books can be used in the library but may not be checked out and taken home.

Options for purchasing books

Here are some options for buying new and used textbooks.
These vendors are provided for your convenience and are not affiliated with Menlo School. You may purchase textbooks from any vendor you prefer.

Local independent bookstores

Books Inc.


Online sales




Barnes & Noble‚Äč

Half Price Books