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Plagiarism tutorial: Introduction

Plagiarism Tutorial

Plagiarism tutorial introduction

Welcome to the Menlo School plagiarism tutorial. Take your time as you read through these pages; you can use the drop-down menus under the tabs at the top of the page to navigate, and explore the sidebar links if you wish to look at supporting materials or further explanations.

The Menlo community values ethical, responsible students whose actions reflect the principles of the school. The first portion of the tutorial addresses the ethical considerations of homework, research and test-taking and is intended for use by each Menlo family. There are several discussion questions that hopefully will help each family think about ethics at Menlo and in the larger world. Students and parents will take a quiz together to assess their conceptual understanding of plagiarism and their knowledge of methods to avoid it, and must achieve 100% correct on this quiz in order to pass. The quiz may be retaken as many times as necessary. Completed quizzes will be sent to the Academic Office for verification.

The mechanics portion of the tutorial addresses specific situations and is available for your own reference. It will periodically be reviewed in class when presentations or research projects are assigned.

If you have questions or comments about this tutorial, please email Cathy Rettberg, Head Librarian, at


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