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Plagiarism tutorial: PPT and online citation

Plagiarism Tutorial

What if I'm not writing a research paper?

Most of this tutorial addresses issues that arise while writing a research paper. Projects that are not formal research papers may require a different method for giving credit to a source. Take a look at these options:

If you are preparing a PowerPoint presentation

  • Your Bibliography or Works Cited should not appear on a slide at the end of your presentation. It is very hard to format the slide correctly, it looks unattractive to see a slide filled with text, and realistically, no one is going to read that slide. Instead, print out a properly formatted page to turn in to your teacher.
  • If you are using images on your slides, put a brief attribution in small print under the image as is shown on this page. A URL or name and date will suffice. Images are not usually included in bibliographies but your teacher may want to see full image citations so be sure to ask.
  • Never make a slide titled "Citations," "Websites" etc. that is then filled with a list of URLs. A list of web addresses provides little useful information to your reader.

If you are posting to an online site such as a blog

  • A link back to the original source may suffice - ask your teacher so you are clear about what is expected.
  • Do not confuse a link with a citation - a link provides immediate access to the source but is not a formal citation.
  • If you do use a link to a source, be sure to reference the source within your written text, i.e. "This letter from President Kennedy to Premier Khrushchev illustrates Kennedy's efforts to end the weapons build-up in Cuba."
  • Don't try to put a bibliography on an online posting as it is difficult to format properly. Instead, turn in a print copy of your bibliography or Works Cited page.

Questions? Comments?

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