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6th Grade: Trellis Project: Resources

Science 6 Trellis Project

1. Begin with encyclopedias

These are subscription databases that include encyclopedias and dictionaries. Menlo School pays for access to this information so you will be prompted to log in with Okta.

Database Searching

More databases!

Some of these are advanced, so remember to switch up your keywords, look up definitions of words you may not understand, move to another page if necessary. 

Britannica Academic 

World Book Encyclopedia 

Oxford Research Encyclopedias 

Environmental Studies (Gale)

Global Issues (Gale)

Science Reference Center (EBSCO)

Useful tips when navigating the databases:

Try a variety of keyword searches using the database autofill dropdown to get some ideas of additional words or phrases. 


In Gale databases, they provide a "Browse Issues" button with a list of pages on many topics. Check if they have one related to yours.



Use the "refine results" or "limiter" section to narrow your results. For instance, by the type of source (like news/reference article) or date.


2. Visit these websites

Logging in to the New York Times

To set up a New York times account using Menlo's Group Pass subscription, follow these steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Register with your Menlo School email
  3. The NYT will send a verification link 
  4. Be sure to click the link to verify that you are human ;-)
  5. You should see a celebration screen saying that your digital account will be active for 364 days.

3. Explore the internet

Use what you have learned so far, and see what you can find on the internet!

Be sure you have your ten keywords and that you evaluate websites using the FART test.

Below, there are some helpful tips & tricks to Google more effectively. 

Google Searching Tips & Tricks

  • Use quotation marks around words or phrases for an exact match e.g. “metal mining”

  • Use intitle: to find exact words in a title e.g. searching for intitle:"metal mining" ensures EACH term shows in the title

  • Use a ~ before a word/phrase to pull up synonyms e.g. ~“global warming” will also include climate change, etc.

  • Use a hyphen before a word to eliminate it from a search e.g. “global warming” -hoax 

  • Use insite: to limit by website e.g. “global warming”

  • Use site: to limit by domain e.g. “global warming”

  • Use filetype: to search by a specific file or extension type e.g. filetype:pdf

  • Put related: in front of a site to find other, similar sites e.g.