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Mercantilism: Project resources

Mercantilism - Economic Project - AP European History

The second Dutch expedition to the East Indies. Photograph. Encyclopædia Britannica ImageQuest. Accessed Sep 16, 2022. 

Portuguese outpost, Ceilam, 1500s. Photograph. Encyclopædia Britannica ImageQuest. Accessed Sep 16, 2022.

Subscription Databases

Use the search bar below to search through all books and online resources that we have access to at once, then use the Refine Results menu.

You can select a specific source (i.e. primary source documents) by scrolling down to Source Types under the Refine Results menu on the left.


Use these subject specific databases for more information on your topic:

Tips for Successful Searching

  • Begin with tertiary searches (i.e. reference sources) to note names, events, dates, and other key words you can use to build your searches later


  • Choose key terms within your research question or topic to build your search string. i.e. Spain and silver and (value or worth) and (1500s or 16th century) 


  • Use OR between terms to expand your search results i.e. trade or mercantilism or commerce


  • Use synonyms or similar phrases to vary your search results, especially if not finding any initial hits


  • Use quotes around terms/phrases you want to find exact matches for i.e. "East India Company"  will produce results with that exact phrase rather than results with each of those words found separately 


  • Use the Refine Results or other limiter sections in databases to narrow your results i.e. source type or publication date


  • When using Google Scholar, use the Cited by and Related articles links below the title info when you find a potentially useful source to find others