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General Resources for Hip-hop History & Studies

Hip-Hop Education Center

An innovation hub that centralizes and connects the work of Hip-Hop artists, teachers, students, scholars, activists, and more from across the globe to empower the community and preserve, create, and honor Hip-Hop’s legacy.

Journal of Hip Hop Studies

Free access to the journal via Virginia Commonwealth University.

Digital Collections of the Cornell Hip Hop Collection

More than 250,000 items across dozens of archives documenting the origins of Hip Hop culture and its spread around the globe.

Hip-Hop and Rap Across the Smithsonian

Hip-hop and rap-related collections from across the Smithsonian that offer perspective on the African American experience and its impact on American culture. 

Universal Hip Hop Museum

Bronx based museum, this site includes articles and other resources about hip-hop in New York.

The Gumbo 

A blog that showcases the multi-dimensional experience of Hip-Hop and its consumers—aims to reframe, re-energize and reimagine its role as a purveyor of womanism, activism, musical innovation, fashion and politics.

The Hiphop Archive and Research Institute Bibliography 

Extensive list of publications exploring hip-hop history, culture, and more.