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7th grade: Feudal times: Resources

Life in the Middle Ages

Research guidelines

When you are evaluating research websites, follow these easy steps to SIFT through information:

Stop. What do you already know about this website? Is it generally a trusted source? Does it have a particular bias?

Investigate. Is the website or author an expert or authority? What do you know about the author of this information?

Find trusted coverage. If you see some interesting or relevant information on an unfamiliar website, can you find similar information on a trusted site?

Trace your information back to the original source, if possible. Who first said this quote or made this claim?

You can learn more about the SIFT process here.

Sites to avoid

Crystalinks: the author is a psychic, not a historian.

Ducksters: not written by subject experts

So many books!

There are a number of books on a cart for this project. Please don't take these home - they are there for all classes to use.

Useful databases

Trusted websites