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6th grade: Cell analogy project: Project resources

Which are the best websites to use?

Before typing your topic into Google and digging through millions of search results, you might want to start here:

Subscription databases

A lot of information is available through our subscription databases. Use your Menlo username and password to log into these resources. Here are some good options:

You can also look at these BrainPop videos:

Citing your sources

Use Noodletools to cite your sources.

Cite BrainPop as Original Content in a database. Leave the publisher blank. The publication date is 2018.

Cite Britannica and World Book as Original Content in a database. Leave the publisher blank. The publication date is 2018.

Cite The CytoPlasm and Cellular Organelles as a website. The author is J. Gordon Betts, website is Anatomy and Physiology, publication date is November 14, 2018, and publisher is OpenStax.


Unreliable sites

Avoid these sites - they are not expert sources.