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8th grade: Supreme Court & Bill of Rights: Home

Supreme Court justices' opinions on the First and Fourth Amendments

First amendment: Freedom of speech

Fourth Amendment: Search and Seizure

To find the opinions of a particular justice

Unfortunately all Supreme Court justice's opinions on various topics are difficult to find in one place. Te see what a justice had to say on a particular topic, go to Google and do a search using this format"

"name of the justice" opinion "topic phrase"

Your search will look like this:

"Ruth Bader Ginsberg" opinion "freedom of speech"
"Oliver Wendell Holmes" opinion "Bill of Rights"
"Stephen Breyer" opinion "

To learn a justice's thinking on a particular topic, look for news articles and political sites, paying attention to the bias of that particular site. If you aren't sure about a news site, you can learn about it here: 
Media Bias/Fact Check

General resources


Menlo databases