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8th grade: Taking a stand in history: Resources

Step 1: Choose a topic, and an interesting person

First you will need to do some background research to get some ideas.
What topic interests you? What person from the recent past or from the present do you admire? There are a lot of people out there who are doing amazing work with little recognition - maybe you can tell that person's story.

Here are some good places to begin:

Step 2: Learn about the person you chose

This may be a bit difficult!

Start by looking in some Menlo databases:

You can also search current newspapers in these news databases:

You can also search for your person in Google, but be sure you are using authoritative sources! Wikipedia is fine when you are looking through lists of activists or influential people, but for your research you should use well-known newspapers and magazines, reputable online news sites, government resources, and the websites of involved organizations.

Step 3: Cite your sources

Use Noodlebib to keep track of your sources. Be sure you are using Chicago style, junior level. Chicago style citation is used in history research papers - if you want to see what this looks like, take a look at the Chicago citation page on the library website. There are minor differences from what you are used to seeing in MLA style citations.