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Modern World History Summer Assignment: MWH news sources

Modern World History Summer Assignment

9th Grade World News

Choose a total of three important current world news stories from three different regions of the world.
Note: You cannot pick a story about the USA.

To find news published elsewhere in the world, try these options:

  • Google News has an easy way to find news articles published elsewhere in the world. For example, you may want news ABOUT Syria, as published in (FROM) England. Here's the process:
    • Go to
    • In the search box, there is a small arrow on the right. Click on this to open up Advanced Search options
    • Use the top boxes to type one or more search terms, i.e. type the name of the country you want news ABOUT. You can add other search terms as well - if you want to read about chemical weapons used in Syria you will type Syria "chemical weapons"
    • In Date Added to Google News, click the arrow to open a drop-down menu. Make a selection, i.e. past month.
    • In the location box type the name of the country where you want news FROM



Summer Assignment

You can download a copy of the summer assignment here: