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Roots of American Music: Project resources

The Roots of American Music

Notecard Questions

1)  Describe the genre (distinctive type or category) of music you will research.

2)  If appropriate, is there an influence from another country outside of the U.S.?

3)  What purpose did your music serve?  Entertainment, dance, work, storytelling, etc.?

4)  What instruments were used?  Did that change over time?

5)  How did your genre of music evolve over time?

6)  Extra sections that related to your topic


Books from the Menlo School library have been put on a cart. The cart will be either in the library or in Ms. Brigham's room. Please don't take these books home - they are there for everyone to use.

Subscription databases

A lot of information is available through our subscription databases. Use your Menlo username and password to log into these resources. Here are some good options: