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7th grade: Dude Project: Project resources

Right On, Dude!

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Finding authoritative websites

It would be impossible to make a list of all useful websites for this project. Instead, here are some guidelines for selecting your own online sources:

News sources:
    •    Google News
    •    Major news networks, such as CNN, PBS, Fox, MSNBC
    •    Online newspapers: San Francisco Chronicle, San Jose Mercury News, New York Times, Huffington Post

For topical information:

• Look for organizations that do work in your area of interest and see if the organization has a website

• Find people who have spoken out on your topic, and look for their comments

• Consult organizations that gather data on your topic, such as the United Nations, Human Rights Watch, UNICEF, World Health Organization

Pay attention to these important factors:

• Who is/are the authors of the website - are they experts in the field?

• What is the purpose of the website - is it to inform you or to convince you to believe or think in a certain way?

• Does the website have a particular bias?

• Have you found information from people or organizations who have different viewpoints?

Evaluate the fundraising effectiveness of organizations that are working on your problem:

Many organizations ask for donations. What do they do with that money? Look for organizations that put a high percentage of their funds toward services, and a small amount of money toward administrative costs. A score that shows 90% or more of the money raised being spent on services is excellent. Use the links below to see if your organization has been evaluated by one of these rating companies.


Most of the information you use for this project will come from very current sources such as websites and newspapers. You also may want to consult a book or two for some background information. Books about your topic (if we have them) can be found by searching the library catalog, here:

Menlo Library Catalog

Enter the term or terms that are the subject of your project. Do not enter a sentence - just use one or two words.

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